College Ready

What does it mean to be College Ready? 

Students at the School District of Beloit Turner are considered College Ready when they have met either the Standardized Testing Benchmarks OR the Academic Indicators listed below. For your reference,click here to view the Redefining Ready! summary of the indicators.  
How will this help our students? 
  • Participate in rigorous coursework 
  • Demonstrate proficiency for post-secondary institutions
  • Prepare for college courses
  • Potentially earn college credit 

Academic Indicators 

GPA of 2.8 and one or more of the following:  


GPA of 2.8GPA of 2.8

Your GPA is calculated from your earned grades in high school classes. 


Advanced Placement Exam (3+)

AP Exams can be taken after preparing by taking an AP Course. 


AttendanceAdvanced Placement Course (A, B, or C) 

In addition to an AP Exam, students can also demonstrate understanding in their AP course by earning an A, B, or C. 


Community ServiceDual Credit College English and/or Math (A, B or C)

Our students have access to Dual Credit courses through strategic partnerships with local post-secondary institutions   


Workplace LearningCollege Developmental / Remedial English or Math (A, B or C)

We have multiple opportuntiies for students to earn College Developmental or Remedial English and Math Credits.


Industry CredentialsCollege Algebra & Trig. (A, B or C)

Our students are exposed to College Algebra & Trig., which is our Algebra II Eqivalent in their Junior or Senior year.  


Standardized Testing Benchmarks Indicators 

Minimum score:  


ACT Exam

The ACT is taken by students during their Junior year.  

English (18)     Reading (22)     Science (23)     Math (22)

AttendanceSAT Exam 

Students are encouraged to take the SAT if their prospective College or University requires it. 

 Math (530)     Reading and Writing (480) 

AttendancePost-secondary institution College Readiness Placement Assessment 

Some colleges ask you to take a College Readiness Placement Assessment, which can demonstrate your academic readiness as well. 


Additional Factors that Contribute to College Success   


Completion of FAFSA

Students have the opportunity for college grants, work-study funds and federal student loans as well as student-based aid. 


AttendanceParticipating in a Career Pathway Course Sequence 

When students consider careers, they should seek out guidance from pupil services to target their specific goals.


Community ServiceCollege Academic Advising



Workplace LearningCollege Bound Bridge Programs



Industry CredentialsSenior Year Math Class & Completion of Math Class after College Algebra & Trig.



How College Ready are Beloit Turner students? 

Below is the overview that shows the % of our high school seniors that are currently or have already graduated being college ready. Note that some of this year's seniors are still working towards being college ready. 

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