School Setting

Each building will utilize a variety of strategies to adhere to recommended public health guidelines.  The following are some of the considerations each school is taking into account.  For building-specific guidelines, click the links at the bottom of the page.

Powers and Townview Specific Guidelines
Middle and High School Specific Guidelines

Daily Practices

  • Temperatures of each student and staff member will be taken with a touch-free infrared thermometer.
  • Face coverings will be required whenever social distancing is not possible and in accordance with any state or local health orders.
  • Lunches will be consumed in the classroom for most classes.
  • We will have staggered arrival and dismissal from the buildings.
  • Bathroom breaks will be staggered.
  • If your child develops a fever or other symptoms of illness you will be informed as soon as practical.

Transportation & Bussing

Health and Safety of Busses
  • Increased frequency of cleaning of busses using a disinfectant.
  • Prior to boarding the bus, parents are encouraged take the temperature of their student.
  • Face coverings are recommended and may be required.  
Bus Capacity
  • Attempt to reduce seating capacity.
  • Students seated alone will be required to sit by the window to increase social distancing.
  • All seats will be assigned.  Students may only ride their assigned bus route.
Self or Parent Transport
  • All families are encouraged to provide transportation for their own students. 
Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up
  • Drop-off / pick-up zones, times, and protocols may need to be modified.

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