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COVID-19 Pre-Registration

Need a Covid Test?

Summer testing will again begin on Friday, August 12th for the remainder of August. 

  • Testing will be available at the west entrance of the high school  Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM call 608-368-3140

Pre-register at this link:

  1.  Click Complete the Questionnaire
  2.  Fill in the CAPTCHA
  3.  Answer the Questionnaire Questions
  4. Click on "I'm being tested at a non-public site" (see below)
  5. Park and remain in your vehicle at each site. 
  6. When you get to the school, call the number for that school's COVID-19 test line and a staff member will come out to administer the test.  
  7. To expedite testing, consider pre-printing and signing this consent form. (Copies are available upon request at the time of testing.)